MGA Senior Four-Ball Championship

The Jewel Golf Club

Wed-Thu, September 28-29, 2022


Player Club
Anderson, Bill Anderson, Bill Photos Bent Creek Golf Club
Anderson, David Anderson, David Photos Royal Golf Club
Anderson, John Anderson, John Photos Bunker Hills Golf Course
Anderson, Robert Anderson, Robert Photos Bent Creek Golf Club
Antonovich, Mike Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Arusell, Robert Arusell, Robert Photos Moorhead Country Club
Auman, Bob The Links at Northfork
Barr, Dennis Barr, Dennis Photos Bracketts Crossing C.C.
Blackwood, Greg Edinburgh USA
Brellenthin, John Brellenthin, John Photos Minikahda Club
Brown, Rick Brown, Rick Photos Loggers Trail Golf Course
Bruning, Jon Eagle Valley Golf Course
Buckingham, Greg Buckingham, Greg Photos Edinburgh USA
Byer, Bob Oak Ridge Country Club
Cavanagh, Bob Cavanagh, Bob Photos Perham Lakeside Golf Club
Cavanagh, Charliec Cavanagh, Charliec Photos Perham Lakeside Golf Club
Champ, Mike The Well G.O.L.F. Group
Cherrey, Don Cherrey, Don Photos Medina Golf and Country Club
Christensen, Rodney Pokegama Golf Club
Coatta, Jay Coatta, Jay Photos Windsong Farm
Conway, Stephen Conway, Stephen Photos Eagle Valley Golf Course
Culligan, Kevin Valleywood Golf Course
Daniels, Chris Daniels, Chris Photos Pebble Lake Golf Club
Daves, Robert Hiawatha Golf Club
Deutsch, Pat Deutsch, Pat Photos Rochester Golf & Country Club
Duffey, Michael Edinburgh USA
Empanger, Jon Island View Golf Club
Erickson, Keith Erickson, Keith Photos River Oaks Municipal G C
Erion, Jamie The Ponds at Battle Creek
Ertmer, Tim Windsong Farm
Evon, Tim Evon, Tim Photos Meadowbrook Men's Club
Felten, Jeff Rochester Golf & Country Club
Fermoyle, Mike Fermoyle, Mike Photos Southview Country Club
Finley, Stuart Bunker Hills Golf Course
Forsberg, Steve Forsberg, Steve Photos Baker National Golf Course
Fosburgh, Raymond The Well G.O.L.F. Group
Frieburg, Richard Frieburg, Richard Photos Monticello Country Club
Frie, Mark Monticello Country Club
Giesie, Bill Bunker Hills Golf Course
Gill, Bob Minneapolis Golf Club
Gilles, Steve Minnesota Valley CC
Greve, Dave Greve, Dave Photos Albion Ridges Golf Course
Griep, Jay Anoka Golf Club
Gunderson, David Gunderson, David Photos Wirth Golf Club
Gytri, Kurt Gytri, Kurt Photos Northfield Golf Club
Haslerud, Dave Haslerud, Dave Photos Southview Country Club
Hauch, Rick Hauch, Rick Photos Edinburgh USA
Haugan, David Hiawatha Golf Club
Haugan, Dennis Hiawatha Golf Club
Hayes, Mark Keller Golf Club
Hegland, Bruce Hegland, Bruce Photos Cannon Golf Club
Heidrick, Tom Heidrick, Tom Photos Fountain Valley Golf Club
Heimsness, Eric Somerby Golf Club
Hoffman, John Hoffman, John Photos Chaska Town Course
Hogan, Scott Hogan, Scott Photos Cannon Golf Club
Holland, Tim Owatonna Country Club
Holt, Scott Holt, Scott Photos Elk River Golf Club
Horsch, Carl Horsch, Carl Photos Hazeltine National Golf Club
Howard, Mike Keller Golf Club
Howe, Don Howe, Don Photos Olympic Hills Golf Club
Howell, Mike Village Green Golf Club
Hughes, Jack Hughes, Jack Photos Braemar Golf Course
Ihnot, Tom Southview Country Club
Johnson, JT Johnson, JT Photos Olympic Hills Golf Club
Johnson, Phil Elk River Golf Club
Jonza, Jim Jonza, Jim Photos Royal Golf Club
Kenney, Pat Hiawatha Golf Club
Kim, Asa Kim, Asa Photos Inver Wood Golf Course
Knutson, Mark Knutson, Mark Photos Hazeltine National Golf Club
Kolquist, Reed Kolquist, Reed Photos Duluth Golf
Kratzke, Tim Kratzke, Tim Photos Elk River Golf Club
Lang, Tom Baker National Golf Course
Larson, Peach Hiawatha Golf Club
Lehman, James Lehman, James Photos Windsong Farm
Lewison, Scott Lewison, Scott Photos Edinburgh USA
Lindberg, Mark Lindberg, Mark Photos Alexandria Golf Club
Link, Phil Link, Phil Photos Pebble Lake Golf Club
Love, Brian Love, Brian Photos Bent Creek Golf Club
Love, Steve Eastwood Golf Club
Maaske, Tim Maaske, Tim Photos Bunker Hills Golf Course
Maxfield, Mark Wilds Golf Club
McBride, Pat Virginia Municipal Golf Course
McCook, David McCook, David Photos University Golf Club
Miller, Wayne Como Golf Club
Monahan, Dan Twin Cities Golf Club
Muellerleile, Patrick Muellerleile, Patrick Photos Keller Golf Club
Mugford, John Mugford, John Photos Chaska Town Course Jol
Nervick, Peter Nervick, Peter Photos Golden Valley Country Club
Neuberger, Bob Neuberger, Bob Photos Burl Oaks Golf Club
Noble, Larry Noble, Larry Photos Bunker Hills Golf Course
Nordquist, Lane Legends Golf Club
Norman, Mark Norman, Mark Photos Chaska Town Course
Nyhus, Curt Perham Lakeside Golf Club
O'Brien, Greg Hastings Golf Club
Olson, Jeffery Olson, Jeffery Photos Anoka Golf Club
Oslund, Tom Windsong Farm
Otto, Greg Stillwater Country Club
Overocker, James Overocker, James Photos Bent Irons Golf Club
Parrill, Morgan Baker National Golf Course
Patterson, Brian Patterson, Brian Photos Twin Cities Golf Club
Payne, Robert Fox Hollow Golf Club
Peterka, Tom Peterka, Tom Photos Wapicada Golf Club
Peterson, Doug Windsong Farm
Peterson, Greg Peterson, Greg Photos Rochester Golf & Country Club
Peterson, Tim Peterson, Tim Photos Forest Hills Golf Club
Prevost, Gary Prevost, Gary Photos Wirth Golf Club
Pribyl, Steve Pribyl, Steve Photos Royal Golf Club
Price, Jim Price, Jim Photos Legends Club
Przybyla, Eric Przybyla, Eric Photos Anoka Golf Club
Raus, Joseph Bunker Hills Golf Course
Riddering, Bill Pebble Creek Golf Club
Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, Robert Photos River Oaks Municipal G C
Rollins, Ron Rollins, Ron Photos Baker National Golf Course
Rose, Jerry Rose, Jerry Photos Alexandria Golf Club
Salchert , Mark Bunker Hills Golf Course
Sauer, Ray Tianna Country Club
Schmidt, Steven Keller Golf Club
Schultz, Skip Schultz, Skip Photos University Golf Club
Seagren, Mark Seagren, Mark Photos Hiawatha Golf Club
Sexton, John Sexton, John Photos Fountain Valley Golf Club
Sheridan, Ty Prestwick Golf Club
Sicora, Joe Fox Hollow Golf Club
Siemers, Randy Siemers, Randy Photos Pebble Creek Golf Club
Sisler, Eric Sisler, Eric Photos Wirth Golf Club
Smiley, RJ Smiley, RJ Photos Northwood Hills Golf Course
Smith, Tom Smith, Tom Photos Bracketts Crossing C.C.
Sperling, Mark Sperling, Mark Photos Willinger's Golf Club
Spreiter, John Spreiter, John Photos Litchfield Golf Club
Spriggs, Kent Windsong Farm
Staples, Gary Bent Irons Golf Club
Strandemo, Guy Wild Marsh Golf Club
Sullivan, Colin Twin Cities Golf Club
Tadewald, Bill Tadewald, Bill Photos Bunker Hills Golf Course
Teal, Jeff Teal, Jeff Photos Island View Golf Club
Tharp, Mike Tharp, Mike Photos Legends Club
Thoe, Jim Meadowbrook Men's Club
Thompson, Charles Thompson, Charles Photos Highland National Golf Club
Toninato, Michael Toninato, Michael Photos Prestwick Golf Club
Treacy, Kevin Treacy, Kevin Photos Northland Country Club
Walters, John Bent Creek Golf Club
Western, Gregg Pebble Lake Golf Club
Whaley, Tom Whaley, Tom Photos Minneapolis Golf Club
White, Michael Elk River Golf Club
Wight, Rob Southview Country Club
Williams, Opie Williams, Opie Photos Somerby Golf Club
Wilson, David Wilson, David Photos Baker National Golf Course
Yeager, Matt Yeager, Matt Photos Minnesota Valley CC

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