Form Your Own Golf Club

Form Your Own Golf Club

Start your own golf club today! An MGA Affiliate Club is comprised of a minimum of 10 individuals who share a passion for playing casual rounds or friendly competitions. By becoming an affiliate club, members of the club establish a Handicap Index through the GHIN service and can use the GHIN Mobile App to track stats and post scores.   When players have a Handicap Index, they enjoy the game more as it allows individuals with different playing abilities to play on an equitable basis.  The club also receives perks including access to Golf Genius tools, which help prep, score and manage your league or club outings

Whether you prefer to stick to one course, explore a variety of courses, or even venture beyond the borders of Minnesota, forming your own golf club will provide your group with the necessary support to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling golfing experience.

Cost: Each member will pay $30 for the season. That's it, no additional club fee! 

Individual Benefits:
  • Handicap Index through the GHIN service
  • Stat tracking, GPS and Score Posting using the GHIN Mobile App
  • Subscription to the Minnesota Golfer magazine
  • Eligibility to play in MGA tournaments, members days, tours, and events
Club Benefits:
  • Golf Genius League and Event Management Software
  • Access to USGA Handicap Admin Portal
  • Handicap roster reports, including most improved golfer
  • Club Champion recognition in the MN Golfer Magazine
To Get Started
Please click here to fill out the registration form to sign up your club for the Online Affiliate Club program.
Contact the MGA Handicap Department with any questions

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