Handicap FAQ

Handicap FAQ

MGA Associate Members have the opportunity to establish a  Handicap Index.  Golfers can become an MGA Member by contacting a club or league or by visiting the Membership Section of this website.

Yes, individuals can start their own club and offer Handicaps  if they have at least ten individuals.  This type of non-real estate or affiliate club is common among neighborhoods, social clubs, coffee groups or really any group with some type of affiliation.  In addition to a Handicap Index, each member of the club will become and MGA Member.   The fee per golfer is $30.    

Establish Your Own Club
Yes. In order to obtain a Handicap Index that can be administered in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping, a player must be a member of a golf club that is affilliated with an Authorized Association, or a direct member of an Authorized Assocation which has assumed the responsibility of a golf club. Golf clubs must have at least ten individual members that have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf together, follow the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Handicapping, and operate under bylaws with committees to supervise golf activities, so that scores posted are subject to peer review and the integrity of the Rules of Handicapping is maintained.
See: Establish a Handicap
A player must designate one golf club as their home club, to be responsible for maintaining their handicap index. But all golf clubs that a player is a member of can request the Authorized Association to make an adjustment to a player's Handicap Index. When a player is a member of more than one golf club, the player must ensure each golf club knows the details of which other golf clubs they are a member of, and which golf club they have designated as their home club.
The free GHIN Mobile App is available to all golfers with an active GHIN #.  Golfers can post scores, follow fellow golfers, calculate Course Handicaps, track stats and use GPS.  For more info visit: https://www.mngolf.org/Res/2022%20GHINMobileApp%20Flyer.pdf
Scores can be posted directly to the Internet by clicking on the Post On-Line icon, downloading the GHIN moble app. or visiting www.GHIN.com. The scores will immediately become part of the golfer's scoring record and be included in the golfer's Handicap Index by the next revision.
Visit www.GHIN.com  or the GHIN mobile app to view the following information about your active GHIN account: the 20 scores that were used to compute your Handicap Index, your Handicap Index, and your 20 most recent scores.

Within the United States, scores will be identified with the letter designations below. These can be used to help identify the format of play, where a round was played and other details about the round.  

9-Hole Round
Exceptional Score


When an exceptional score is posted to a player's scoring record, the Handicap Index will be reduced in accordance with the following adjustment table:

Number of strokes the Score Differential is lower than a player’s Handicap Index in effect when the round was played: Exceptional score reduction
7.0 - 9.9 -1.0
10.0 or more -2.0

A reduction can be applied based on a single exceptional score. Reductions for multiple exceptional scores are applied cumulatively. A reduction is automatically applied within the calculation of the player's updated Handicap Index following the submission of the exceptional score. A reduction for an exceptional score is applied by adjusting each of the most recent 20 score differentials recorded in the player's scoring record, which includes the exceptional score. As a result, the impact of hte reduction will remain after the next score is sublitted but will dilute over time as new scores are submitted. Where there are fewer than 20 score differentials in a player's scoring record at the time an exceptional score is submitted, the reduction is applied by adjusting all of the score differentials recorded in the player's scoring record, which includes the exceptional score. 

Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) The statistical calculation that determines if conditions on a day of play differed from normal playing conditions to the extent that they significantly impacted players' performance. Examples of conditions that could impact players' performance include: 
  • Course conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Course set-up
See Rule 5.6.
If you know that you will be moving, please contact your club where your handicap membership is held. They will be able to change your address. Once they transmit that information, your record will automatically be updated on GHIN. You can also change your address by contacting the MGA at (952) 927-4643 ext 977 or email us at info@mngolf.org.
To correct or delete incorrect scores in your record, contact the handicap chairperson at your club. He/she can make the corrections (this also applies to scores posted via the Internet). The scoring record which appears online at  www.ghin.com will not be updated until the next handicap revision. However, if you click on "View 20 Most Recent Scores" on  www.ghin.com, the change will be reflected immediately.
A multi-member of the MGA is a member who belongs to more than one MGA golf club. A player should be issued only one GHIN number no matter how many MGA member clubs the player joins.
You will need three 18 hole scores or six combined 9 hole scores to establish a Handicap Index.
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