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A player must designate one golf club as their home club, to be responsible for maintaining their handicap index. But all golf clubs that a player is a member of can request the Authorized Association to make an adjustment to a player's Handicap Index. When a player is a member of more than one golf club, the player must ensure each golf club knows the details of which other golf clubs they are a member of, and which golf club they have designated as their home club.
A multi-member of the MGA is a member who belongs to more than one MGA golf club. A player should be issued only one GHIN number no matter how many MGA member clubs the player joins.
You will need three 18 hole scores or six combined 9 hole scores to establish a Handicap Index.
Yes. In order to obtain a Handicap Index that can be administered in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping, a player must be a member of a golf club that is affilliated with an Authorized Association, or a direct member of an Authorized Assocation which has assumed the responsibility of a golf club. Golf clubs must have at least ten individual members that have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf together, follow the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Handicapping, and operate under bylaws with committees to supervise golf activities, so that scores posted are subject to peer review and the integrity of the Rules of Handicapping is maintained.

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