Dr. Donald White

Throughout his distinguished career, Doctor Donald White has had a significant impact on the turfgrass industry locally, nationally and internationally. White began teaching at the University of Minnesota in 1961 and since then has taught several courses related to turfgrass science, landscape design and nursery management to many of today's superintendents throughout Minnesota and the United States.


Perhaps Doctor White's most important contribution to turfgrass research has been the development of seeded varieties of creeping bluegrass, Poa annua. Poa annua has long been considered a weed that should be eliminated from golf courses, however White's research led to the release of the first creeping bluegrass in 1997. The bluegrass is being used by golf courses throughout the world including Pebble Beach.

Doctor White's perseverance and drive have served the State well and his contributions to education and research have been invaluable to golf course superintendents in Minnesota and beyond.

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